The Wake Up Call

It’s impossible to solve the mammoth problems we’re now facing using the same thinking we resorted to when we created them. We need something more. We need a revolution in consciousness.

Superficial responses will only lead to more superficial results. We need the daring, those self-introspective pioneers who’ll courageously risk leaving the herd conformity. Who’ll break free of the demand to serve the prosaic and superficial commandments of a meaningless collective compliance. — And to then, use their found dharma to fearlessly face the frightened masses and the self-proclaimed sentinels of this spirit-stifling new social order.

Our world soul is calling for the sincere advocates for truth, the noble lions to wake and step up. If you hear and comprehend that call, and you are willing to answer it, you’ll be required to see what everyone else has seen, but few have yet fathomed, or are willing to admit. You’ll be required to question or challenge everything, inside a self-determined, mindful awareness, and inward-directed introspection.

But, if you want to be more capable introspective thinkers, it’s hard to improve upon something you haven’t yet cultured or don’t entirely understand. You’re facing a call into the unknown. Many of you will enter a new way of seeing and interacting with people and ideas. — Begin by honestly acknowledging your real issues. The world you now see unfolding into your lives is not a natural occurrence. It results from a lack of what you have not been ready to dream. There’s no more time for that game. — No more time to whitewash what’s going on for the sake of ease or convenience. It’s time to accept the challenge.

Accept, don’t deny, that trepidation that comes with being here, and therein be willing to live your life bravely. Reach outside the box of normalcy and cull that ubiquitous demand to conform. Be willing to look into the forbidden. Plumb the depths beyond. Once you’ve gathered your knowledge, organize, and integrate it in a way that will offer you the insights and viewpoints that might help you create a more profound manifestation. Test and validate everything. Don’t just accept what you discover at face value. And, before drawing any conclusions, question your own limits and biases.

Ideally, your introspections should be empirical, connected directly to the deep inner Knower within. Engage what you find there without succumbing to personal wants, emotions, or preformed judgments. This won’t be a walk in the park. It’s a skill that’s difficult to master.

Consider the onslaught of pressures that are presently barreling at you. Not only from external party-politics and social news media but also from the defiantly fearful whenever you openly question this new reality-narrative. It’s undeniable that you’ll be ridiculed, insulted, or assaulted for challenging the official — “only this is real” storyline. Choose your ground carefully. Don’t throw your diamonds in the mud.

Remember, the people you know who might be lost in blind obedience to the superficial, or are too frightened to open their eyes to anything beyond the narrative. They are not your enemy; they are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. In fact, they are just another version of you learning as best they can relative to their own field of indoctrinations. Make room for that and be compassionate. But beware — there are also the liars and deceivers, who knowingly create and opportune these predicaments to further their power and control over you.

You have a tremendous challenge ahead of you. Never have the stakes been so broad-reaching, vital, and perilous on so many levels. Understandably you might at times feel alone and in despair. During those times, try to remember that the way of kind-heartedness, love, and truthfulness has endured. And has always been victorious throughout our history. There have always been the fraudulent ones — tyrants, despots, and persecutors. And for a time, they might appear all-powerful, but in the end, they always fall. Try to remember that — they always fall.

This worldly path is never perfect. Perfection isn’t a part of life’s promise. It’s the necessary tension that arises when the false appears on the silent canvas of truth. It’s what gives you your fuel and direction. It’s the needed discord that calls you to tune that instrument to something higher. In the end, to make you wiser and more powerful, and to stretch your view beyond the lure of mere material profit.

No one has any power over you until you allow them to exercise that power. Your freedom is your one unassailable right. A right that cannot be enduringly suppressed, even by the best deceivers. In the end, the lie always falls, and the truth prevails. But for that to occur, it’ll require — you.

Aaravindha Himadra is a teacher of consciousness. Aaravindha Himadra is the author of the spiritual bestseller “Immortal Self”.