Can I ask what action you took upon discovering your injury?
Ian Marquette

Ian — first off, thanks to taking the time to read. Secondly, on the labrum issue, it’s still fairly new to me. I thought it was just tight hips for a while and stretched as much as I could. I’m a coach and luckily have an athletic trainer that works with the team that gave me an evaluation. She has advised me to strengthen the muscles around my hips (especially the glute med) and stretch. I am to avoid sitting for extended periods of time and those deep squats. Walking, arc trainer, biking with a higher seat have been my cardio. Kettlebell swings, deadlifts, and lunges have been ok so far. I tried to run once and it became irritated, so that’s off limits for now.

Check out the Glute med series by Peter Attia

This is what has worked for me* If you have any type of athletic trainer, PT, or hip specialist you can talk to please hit them up! Good luck!

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