Can I ask about how you decided to move back to be close to your parents vs having them move to be…


So I was going through a divorce and kind of lost everything. My ex kept the house, some of the friends, and a lot of other people I knew had moved away from the area. I didn’t want to stay in the same community that we had lived in and I couldn’t really find a new place in the region that felt right the way our old neighborhood had. I also have a very portable job — I can do it from pretty much anywhere in the continental US. I was actively thinking about moving because it was clear I didn’t want to stay where I was, and I had a few cities in mind to check out.

Around the same time, a lot of people who I’m close to up here started having kids, my grandparents died, my ex-husband’s grandparents died, and suddenly it seemed a lot more important to spend time with the people who really mattered to me and to, if not build a family of my own, build a life around the life I wanted if that makes sense. I started thinking about moving back to my hometown specifically. That the market for my field is the same or better here than it is where I was helped too. When my lease ended, I bit the bullet and moved.

(Also, my parents are probably fine/100% independent for the next…15+ years or so? (knock wood) So it wouldn’t have made a lot of sense for them to move near me because their whole lives are up here. If I had deeper roots in the area I lived in, or if I disliked the NW, I think it would have been a much different situation and I would have had to spend a lot of time flying back and forth dealing with things.)

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