Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Did not end up estimating on Friday because…I don’t even know. I think work got the best of me.

I got up early on Saturday and got coffee on the way to babysitting ($2). Kept an eye on one of my favorite kids for a couple hours, then went off to the art store ($55) and wandered around for a while before going to a meetup ($5 for parking). I finally got a necklace and a piece of art/decor I saw around Christmas and didn’t get for myself ($35 for the necklace, $55 for the art) and then because it was finally sunny and warm enough to sit outside for once, I got a taco and ate it in a park! ($7?) One of my favorite things in life is to eat outside, and that made my day! Went to the meetup ($5 for a beer+tip) and then wandered around eating a couple donuts (more outside eating, $3) before heading home.

I spent Sunday morning working and headed to Target in the evening for necessary things and leggings for my mom ($160, but I think I get $15 back for the leggings).

$327, but everything except the donuts was planned for, and I get $15 back.

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