I learned never to underestimate a hungry dachshund
The Cost of My Dog Eating a Cup of Raisins
Erin Webreck

❤ Hahaha, so true! ❤

My ex’s dachshund mix ate a plate of chocolate cake once, but luckily the amount of chocolate in the cake was low enough we didn’t have to rush him in.

However, another time he was so ticked off at us that he stole a PINCUSHION and chewed it up, leaving zero visible pins anywhere. We rush him and his buddy to the vet, got ’em both x-rayed…zero pins inside either dog. We get home and realize he had pulled all the pins out, hid them under his crate pad, and left the cushion where we knew we would find it. I think that ran us …$400? for emergency x-rays for two dogs?

Man, dogs can be jerks. Loveable jerks, though.

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