I’m wondering how other people on The Billfold have decided that going into debt for graduate…

I had about that much debt from my masters and I don’t regret it, even though I no longer directly work in that field. What I learned was worth it to me — I still use a lot of the research and evaluation skills for what I do now — and it helped me get the position that helped me move to my current career field. I was also a lot younger (early 20s).

Now I’m older and have been idly considering going back to get a masters in a more closely aligned field, but I haven’t gotten past taking the GRE yet. I just bought a house, I’m thinking about a kid in a couple years (pending biology or saving $$ for adoption), and so taking on more debt right now seems like a bad idea. In my case it wouldn’t necessarily translate into more money, and I don’t know if the trade-off of doing slightly more enjoyable work would be worth the debt.

The balance might change again in another 10 years though?

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