Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I have zero plans tomorrow and many plans for Sunday, so here goes…

Saturday: No idea! Maybe I’ll go see a movie? ($20, with snacks) Or go to the gym and get lunch afterwards? ($15). I’ve got to get a present for a baby shower (see Sunday), maybe about $65.

Sunday: Going to a baby shower and I have an art class. In two totally separate parts of town. The shower ends 2.5 hr before class starts, and I’ve got 1–1.5 hr driving to get from there, drop my mom off, and then get to class. Complicating things, the shower is in a part of town I rarely go to that is also near a restaurant that makes great beef rolls. I really want some beef rolls. So…the plan is to leave the baby shower a bit early, drive to the beef roll place, get some lunch/dinner, drop off mom, eat while changing into grungier clothes, and then rush to class. $40 for gas and $20 for food?

$145, round up to $150 in case.