Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’ve got six things on my agenda this weekend, ranked in descending order of fun-ness:

  1. A meetup I’ve skipped for three months and am looking forward to ($10–15, parking and beer and maybe a snack)
  2. Exhausting the dog, who has been pretty bored this week for reasons ($0–15, depending on parking/post-dog-exhaustion lunch)
  3. Check the register on a set of blocks I made, and test the water-based ink extender I got last weekend
  4. Make a lasagna (Groceries: $0–100, depending on what we have in the house right now)
  5. Do some work things that are fun and interesting, but tend to get pushed aside in favor of more urgent work things
  6. Go to the gym.

Oh, and maybe underwear replacement ($50? They keep falling down at the gym, which is annoying and embarrassing…though not bare-assing because I also wear pants. duh-duh ch, try the chicken, tip the waitstaff, etc.)


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