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My ex and I had separate accounts for most things, and paid into/drew out from a joint account. During the marriage, I would have said that it didn’t mean anything other than that we were reasonably matched financially and we shared things pretty well, but it became apparent as things fell apart that it was one way that he was holding himself back from being a partner. (Not in terms of total dollars, but more in terms of perspective, mine is mine and yours is yours, except when yours is ours) I also fell into the trap of thinking that if I gave to the partnership financially, he’d do the same eventually emotionally and he never did.

I don’t think that there’s no way to make it work if you have separate finances, but it is a sign to think long and hard (and probably talk long and hard) about whether it’s a legitimately better setup for the partnership or if the delineation is a proxy for something else.