How Much Do You Spend on Holiday Decorations?
Nicole Dieker

Re-use! Part of the fun of Christmas is seeing your favorite ornaments year after year. I’m living with my parents currently, so it’s even more old-school. There’s ornaments that were old when I was born.

I sometimes add a few things, but only if they are truly awesome. I’ve spent probably about $45 this year, and that’s more than usual by a long shot. I bought an ornament each for my parents, and added a couple things to the lights because they like some things I got them 15 years ago and would like a few more. If I find something cheap and silly that I can stick in the nativity scene without anyone noticing, I might get it. (But it’s hard to top what’s already there—which include an astronaut wrestling a squid and several penguins— so probably not.)

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