Where Should You Move if You Want to Earn Money? How About if You Want to Save It?
Nicole Dieker

So…I live in one of the cities that is the worst for saving money and was just bemoaning that with my roommate last night! I could eat only rice and beans and frozen veggies and save some $$ that way, but…I really like food that is supplemented by rice and beans and mushy frozen peas and not just those three items ad nauseum (possibly literally).

I have given semi-serious thought to moving, but my top reason would be to be nearer my family. Most of them are in the greater Seattle area, which…it’s more affordable than where I live now, but not by all that much and I would no longer have my wonderful roomie to split bills and rent with. It would end up being a wash, financially, if I kept living the way I am currently living.

There are some financial benefits to moving up there if I bought an equivalent property there vs here — because I’d be local to family, I could presumably rely on more (reciprocated) free labor for things like building decks, painting, (hypothetical dog) dogsitting, and so on. The issue would be affording that property in the first place…

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