Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

This weekend is almost completely up in the air!

Tonight I’m baking a birthday cake for a friend and watching TV — $0 (Unless I do a jam filling, which would take the total to $5). I *might* splurge on burritos for dinner, if I’m feeling uninspired ($30)

Tomorrow I’m going to a meetup and wandering around outside because it’s going to be beautiful out. My minimum is $10 (bus fare/beer), but I could go up to $200 if I find a birthday present for my dad. (Unlikely, he’s hard to shop for.)

I‘ll probably do a grocery run ($100) on Sunday morning, then work the rest of the day ($0). Maybe get a pizza and hang out with friends if our schedules align ($30).

That puts my total somewhere between $15 and $365. Yay??