Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Well, definitely ended up between $25 and $everything, and I feel like I spent the entire weekend at the grocery store!

Spent more on groceries on Friday because a couple staples were on sale at the store: $23

Got breakfast before the meetup on Saturday after apartment-hunting, so while I only spent $6 on beer during the meetup, I also spent $10 beforehand for lunch.

The only issue with going to this event is that it’s in one of those neighborhoods filled with stores packed with interesting but largely unnecessary things, and ended up getting a couple more things for my cousin’s wedding present afterward ($30 or so), a book for me ($15), a much-needed extra coffee mug ($10) and decor for Hypothetical Apartment ($6).

Grabbed groceries ($65) and lunch ($10) on Sunday, then realized I’d forgotten one important thing for dinner and stopped at the store again ($2).

$177. eesh.

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