Subcutanean: Final Days to Back!

Aaron A. Reed
Nov 30 · 2 min read

Friends, we’re in the FINAL DAYS of crowdfunding for my latest project Subcutanean, a novel where no two copies are the same. If you’ve already backed, I’d love your help spreading the word. And if you haven’t, this is your chance to reserve your own unique copy!

About the book: Subcutanean tells the story of two friends who find themselves trapped in an endless basement that seems to multiply everything: architecture, emotions, even people. Its endless tunnels and empty rooms connect to subtly different parallel dimensions. But those overlapping possibilities spill into the production of the book itself: the master copy contains hundreds of places where words, sentences, even entire scenes can change. Each printing is generated from a unique seed, and no two copies are ever quite the same.

About the campaign: During the Indiegogo campaign, a number of unique reward levels are available. You can reserve your own unique e-book or paperback copy of Subcutanean; get a pair of unique books at a discount price to read with a friend and compare notes; get a special USB key with ten thousand versions of the book (no kidding!) and all its master text and source code; even reserve a special copy with a piece of text guaranteed to only appear once, in that single printing. Some of these rewards are exclusive to the Indiegogo campaign and some will only be available afterwards until supplies run out, so don’t miss your chance to claim one now!

How you can help:

Thank you for being a fan and for your support. See you on the other side!

— Aaron

Aaron A. Reed

Written by

Writer and game designer interested in the future and history of interactive narrative.

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