Normalizing Deviant Views: Social Media’s New Role?

Social media is an echo chamber. We can express views there that would not necessarily be immediately acceptable in face-to-face interactions, which are subject to more normalized social standards of morality, ethics etc.

On social media, there is no threat of immediate rejection. Yes, there may be dissent, but there will be eventual acceptance by some group. People can express views that would not be acceptable in physical society and have these “abnormal” views validated.

These interactions, these supportive voices, then provide some type of confirmation bias and new ideas or articles may be interpreted to fit or confirm their beliefs. Social media like twitter and facebook are perhaps the sites that perpetuate this cycle and acceptance of what could be generally viewed as abnormal and unacceptable.

So who is responsible to try and curb this? Should it be curbed? Is it a question of free speech? Or is it just that we have found a new way to have deviant views accepted, perpetuated and expanded?

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