A tribute to Padmini

The year is 2013, Government has decided to phase out taxis that are more than 20 years old. click here for the link. Since most of the kaali-peelis (as we love to call them) in Mumbai are the iconic Premier Padminis, within a decade or so, all of them would be off roads since the company has stopped the production of new padminis. Also, with the advent of cab-aggregators, the traditional black and yellow taxi are losing their business, their charm.

This short poem is dedicated to padmini.

Since my childhood, I was excited for your ride,
Now you no longer would be by my side
Right from the time when it was Bombay,
You have really saved precious minutes of the day.
Now the time has come,
To replace you with the new one.
Miles after miles, running up and down,
Rightfully called, as the saviour of the town.

With just 18 horse power,
you ran through the roads near the slums and towers.
For many a time you broke-down and went for a repair,
Still no one can replace you to be fair.

Mumbai will miss you.

You are the pride of Mumbai and will always be.