Camping Trip 1986
Mario Koran

Really liked this. Thanks. I am a mother of two girls…one 21 and the other 13. My 13 year old was born with a very rare form of Muscular Dystrophy — and with that — added to all of the other things a parent deals with — I can completely relate to your piece above. Resonate with the way you wrote about your feelings. Many nights I lie in bed and think about how I reacted to something that happened, because I was so tired and just “done” at that moment — and wished I could have handled things differently. And the part about all the worries about all the things that can happen! I’m SO there! And the feelings all contained — that come out and the tears. I cry when I’m happy, when I’m sad. Being a mother truly is the most rewarding, most proud part of my life. Truly. Not because I have to do it — but because I want to. And the love and pride just overwhelms me to tears at times. Thank you for this piece. Tomorrow I will try to stop before I let something irritate me, and find something to enjoy about it instead. And tomorrow I will remind my girls how very much I enjoy being their mother! All the days, through all the moments.