The Truth — in 100 Words

I can’t believe I mentally signed up for this. I just took the leap.

I am writing at least 100 words a day every single day. Johnson Kee from 100 Naked Words inspired me to write a couple of days ago. I don’t have a set time period. I guess that’s not very S.M.A.R.T. of me. Maybe I should. I just know that I want to get in the groove of writing again — no matter how minuscule or monumental.

It’s odd, the thing I love the most is what’s the hardest thing for me to start. I once read this article about how when we were younger, it was so much easier to do the things we loved doing. However, when we gain more responsibilities as adults, we forget about doing our passions because of…well, bills. And there will always be bills.

But what if money wasn’t an option? What if I simply just committed to writing, committed to taking photos and talking to people about their story instead of internally talking about it in my own head and just took a leap of faith?

My goal is to write at least 100 words a day, no matter how I feel. It may be a challenge (like today, right now, didn’t you notice?), but I need to move. Also, I need to start writing about other people instead of just always focusing on myself. I swear, I live a pretty boring life instead of the weekdays. Weekdays are never boring. I work with kids most days, so you know that never gets monotonous.

I am also committed to writing my truth. Nowadays, our society has shifted so far from the center of the Truth. As a former college journalist and an aspiring professional journalist (Explanation for the gap: because Teach for America and my love for teaching the half-grown babies got in the way and I have a vision that still involves journalism), my number one value is Trustworthiness. So, as a writer, I am dedicated to making sure that the stories that I share with you all and the lives that I entrust you with are as close to the universal Truth and my truth as they can possibly be. Which basically means, that I will not tell a lie. I might be sarcastic, sardonic or just plain hyperbolic, but I will tell the Truth and my truth and nothing but the TRUTH about my life, our society, and their experiences.

After all, it’s my eternal duty to you.

By the way, this is way over 100 words. Perfect.

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