Are BSNL cellular Subscribers “Prophets for us”?!

Ahhhh!!! Finally I could contact my Parents in Kashmir.

It is after the ban over cellular services in Kashmir, I finally got a call from BSNL number, confirming that my parents are safe at their native house in Rainawari. I was literary gone mad, since they were all alone at our Bakoora Residence.

My mother is a chronic hypertension patient, with Knee Joint problems, Obese and Asthma patient. Even a single day break in medicines can prove fatal for her. Her both sons are out of home and she is alone with her Husband, our Father who is at the same time a patient, who has met two crucial accidents in recent past.

My brother is stuck in Sopore, North Kashmir, and he is there since the siege started, he couldn’t move back to meet parents. It was frustrating time for me and my wife here in South India’s Bangalore city. We were unable to feel even we are alive. Till 3:00 AM we used see time in clock and sighing with the prayers “ Ya Allah Hamaray Walidein pe Reham Farmana”.

Before a day my wife got a call from her parents after the ban over cellular services. It seems the people with BSNL numbers in Kashmir are ‘Prophets for those who are out of Kashmir’. My wife recalls the moment when she could talk over the phone with her family, “ As if they had not talked to me since years, they were feeling that we are no more alive, only death can rejoin us” !!!. I got shocked after learning about the feelings. May Allah protect us all. (Aameen)

P.S :- Where ever we are, we cry, we bleed, we get frustrated and worried. We feel pain! we are oppressed and slaves of largest democracy of world called India.

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