Live Life or be a Robot

In the present Era of Machines, Technology, Apps, and Development, human beings are lost. The virtual world has become a reality and in this virtual reality the meaning of life has lost. The world seems developing and living, but is that a reality?!

The human beings, biologically defined as Living beings seem machines, just like robots. It receives command performs action and delivers work. But is this all what life means?

Sinking in the ocean of FaceBook, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Gmail, and all other apps means development? What about the relationship with parents, kiths and kin’s, friends, relatives and society? What about the morals and rights? This whole scenario is an episode of our daily drama of day to day life.

In this scenario the real meaning of life has vanished somewhere in the clouds, where a human being used to save and safeguard them all. We all have safeguarded the data of virtual world and almost majority has their own account on iCloud, Google Drive or other cloud services and in this race we have deleted the real life memories and data banks.

When someone asks the real meaning of life you listen to the sinking sound of this word inside the auditorium of self. You try to recall the real meaning of life and try to collect the data that has lost somewhere. You listen to the slogans chanting inside, Life continuously agitates for its disappearance in Virtual world. Isn’t this a forced disappearance by the human beings, by all the people who have literary lost the values of life?

We all breathe, do biological activities and carry on our physical existence, but is this all what the ‘essence of life’ is meant for? NO! Of course not! Life has entirely a different meaning, purpose and essence. ‘Life is Love, trust, care, honesty, pain and concern’. Every person has his own perspective for life. Somebody sees it as development; development in wealth, luxury and glamour, while for others it is struggle and achievement. For both, the true essence of life vanishes. Nobody can ignore all the development and achievement perspective but if it is on stake of the true purpose then all this is in vain and a futile exercise.

Life is Love and Love is God. If Life is Love and Love is God then Life becomes God and God never do injustice to His creatures. God cares for all he created. If this motto “re-live” and it will be preferred and served on priority in day to day life, the Virtual World will never fail to make life easier, better and lovely.

We have to find that fine-line between the true and virtual world that will serve as a bridge between the two. We can’t replace feelings with emojis, concern and care with inbox messages and responsibilities with mobile applications. We have to see the world out of the VR devices, otherwise time will come when we will see a race of robots, and yes I mean people with VR & world with the incorporated devices concerned with this. Humans will extinct and humanity will vanish. Feelings will evaporate and responsibilities will release from the knots and anchors of life.