Self care

In the flow of daily life we tend to be workaholics. Our workplace sets up the tone for everyday emotions. Husle and bustle and we forget about our inner us. Yes we have workplace friends, chatting on social medias, meetings and everything going on for us. Leading a good life. Eating all the good food, hunting down places to eat, travel etc. Till once in a blue moon, on some nights, that feeling catches us offguard and we become a sloppy teary mess reflecting on the twist and turns of life : that we wished we acted differently, that the situation shouldn’t have been that way. The could haves and would haves of happier moments holds tight in our hearts. Stronger hearts logic ridden minds would pack them as nonsense, thing of past etc. But a more empathetic, emotional ones would find it hard to separate the continuous badggering of inner talks. Good times rolling in repeat and the absence of them now, either friends abroad, busy schedule, a long list. Right in that moment, when we are in complete and utter havoc, self care is needed the most. It is the one thing that sets everything in its place, makes it ok. Self care calms the turbulent emotions. Here are some self care feel good DIYs that I found calming me down to a comfortable place within myself. Being a female, this article is dedicated to all the kind hearted loving girls out there. (Apologies to the gender specification but I don’t really know what guys would do. It may also be a jounal entry for the future me…lol…Multipurpose!)
1. Talk to the person you love
 Be it best friend, boyfriend, a family member, mentor, any specific person that you are close to, whom you love and are comfortable with and who loves you back, talk to them. It will definitely be worth it although you are in a crying messy state, if you talk it all out, express things that are eating you, you will have their support and advice. They won’t judge you because they love you. They always want you to be happy. So if you tell them, they would surely give their level best to guide you and give you different perspective. They may even encourage you to talk to them if you are trying to deal it youself but are completely submerged. They may have been in similar place as you do. They may be older than you and may have a good thought to help you. It could be anything. Ultimately you will be a little wiser and calmer when its all over.
 2. Wash your face, brush and drink water
 This instantly alters your mood and hence the pain dissipates.
 3. Listen and dance to fun music 
 ‘I got this sunshine in my pocket, good song in my feet….like the way you rock it..tu tu tu tu tu tu ……’ Can’t stop the feeling!! -Justin timberlake 
‘ Thats what I like ‘ — Bruno Mars
 Well these are some songs that lifts up any lows you are in. Enjoy the beat :) 
 4. You can volume up songs for maybe half an hour to an hour and clean room. This helps organise feelings better. I play all my songs in playlist and include rock music ‘Panic! -Monalisa’ , ‘This ain’t a scene its a …… arms race’ — Fall out boys , if I have to work faster. 
 5. Go for steam and skin care
 Put on that towel over you head and breath in deep the warm steam from water. Something about the warm steam softens everything. After steam, if you have honey, put on some honey on your face and let it dry. Watch youtube or play with your cute little fluffy puppy for a while so that the honey will get to seep deep in your skin and do its magic! After 10–15 min of letting the honey sit on your face, wash off with water. You will have this super soft clear glowy hydrated skin. Don’t forget to moisturize after this. The fragrance of cream, softness of skin and the dew-iness will freshen you up and get a good sleep too. The next morning you will be fine and also have nicest softest skin.
 6. Like skin care polishing your nails also does wonders
 I actually have a big bowl that has all of my favourite colored nail polishes. Its got mostly soft pastle colours like baby pink, skin color, light grey color, silver color, purple color. It also has bold colors for occasional uses like Blood red for parties and fasting, maroon color, and also black and white colors for nail art. I know few of them for example cute flowers and dots design. I also know water marbling but I think it wastes too much polish. It gets you feeling super classy and beautiful when you are done with manicure and pedicure, 
 7. Go out for a walk, visit temples
 This helps. Changing the environment you are in by going for a stroll. Meeting a friend may be or just visiting a temple helps a lot. The burning inscence, the aura around temple brings us peace. It lightens our heart. Go there when you are happy too. You will have it amplified :)
 8. Being in garden and watering the plants. Also feeding pigeons rice.
 9. Having a warm bath and soaking up the sun
 Have you noticed? If you face the sun with closed eyes you cannot think of sad stuffs. Its amazing how sun is the ultimate destructor of shadow even shadow thoughts. If you face sun like that, all you can think about is good stuffs
 These were some of the self care feel good tips that have been medicine to my ail. Hope we all have some in common. If yes, kindly let me know which one is your go to DIY that has helped you. And also your own DIYs that picks you up higher. Thanks!