Time Management or Priorities ?

Everyone in the world wants to be successful. You’ll not find a single person who don’t like success, Fame, Name, Glory. But when it comes to work hard inorder to achieve success many of them take their steps back.

Also those who are ready for hardwork, out of them too only few people get success.

So where they lack and are not able to succeed?

This totally depends upon Time Management.

Time is the only Free and most powerful asset in the world.

So those who use this asset very carefully eventually becomes more successful.

Even those who make their priority list carefully keeping time in mind become successful.

Let’s take an example, Imagine you have prepared whole week’s timetable and every single minute of your week you’ve planned very well.
Now suddenly on Wednesday night Your girlfriend message you
“My parents are not at home tomorrow, so we can spend some quality time together”
You spend whole day with her, without bothering that you had fu** your time table.

But on the other hand if your Mom would had asked you to do any work (like to pay electricity bill, water bill, etc.).

Then I’m sure You would have given this answer,

“Mom, I’m too busy this whole week, I’ve already planned my each and every minute of this week for studies, so I won’t be able to do your work.”

This simple example narrated that,

It’s not how you manage your time, but is more of how you give your valuable time to your priorities.

So from now onwards when you will make timetable for yourself, keep in mind your priorities and make it.

Sure you will be Successful.

Be Unite, Be Bright.

Peace ✌