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The Sacredness Of Menstruation.

Menstruation. It’s something that is never takes about but it is literally what keeps this world and the population running. Menstruation is a sacred rituals that help women detoxify their bodies and help bear children. There is so much stigma around menstruation. People perceive it as a bad thing when really it is so sacred. Women have access to a womb, to create life and menstruation makes this possible. Menstruation also has many scientific benefits and it helps to detoxify a woman’s body. One of the sacred rituals surrounding healing womens’ fertility and honoring the menstruation period is the Red Tents. Red obviously signifies the red blood. Cultures like African, Chinese and Native American had designated areas where red coloured tents were put up. Women who were menstruating would go to these areas and basically party. They would socialise with each other and eat delicious food. This ritual was to celebrate the fertility cycle and menstruation cycle of women. The Red Tent movement served the purpose to honour womens’ selfhood. In this day and age menstruation is so stigmatised. But it all comes down to one thing. Without menstruation, women would not be able to bear children and the world would go stagnant. Menstruation is essentially what keeps our population running and should no longer be stigmatised.