With more than $3.25 Billion funds raised in 2017, ICO’s still have not been able to build trust and confidence among people.

Functioning in a gray area where legality tends to waver and fall under the false area, ICO’s are losing interest among the big pool of investors and crowdsourcing gurus.

This has brought the birth of a new Form. A FORM which follows function. The function of the legal line. Backed by US law, STO have appeared in the crypto scene. A masterpiece in the crypto era which will take the currency to a peak boosted by confidence and trust of the world.

AARNAV, an innovation in crypto has brought a feature which no one could ever imagine. A feature which was made possible. A safety net, not only protecting the capital, but protecting the interests of the holders. Backed by the relentless Real estate market, AARNAV will be the revolution which the crypto market has been waiting for.

AARNAV has reworked impossible to make it possible. Backed by visionary entrepreneurs, AARNAV has created a fail safe which protects the investment by the sudden falls of the crypto currency. No matter how hard Crypto crashes, AARNAV will be the only coin protecting the interests of its holders.


Making a revolution possible.