The Little Brick that Could

There was a tale of the Builder who was building a Tower so high that it can see all 4 Corners of the World.

The Doubters laughed at his ludicrous idea, it was too crazy of a goal to achieve, they taunted him telling him tales of similar Builders who aimed for the sky, and got Burnt by the Terrible Sun for having a foolishly irrational dream.

The Builder smiled, thanked them, and moved on.

The Reasoners told him he was taking a path of the lonely. Where many works remain untouched, songs never played, novels never read. Why not take a stable job, where there is a guarantee that you’ll be safe if you work for a company who may or may not take care of you.

The Builder smiled, thanked them, and moved on.

The Haters, the worst bunch to many, but to the Builder was a good bunch to have, they complained. Complaining that he was a selfish bastard who only thinks about himself, a person who cares about nothing but himself, no-one wanted to be friends with him, and other horrifying sentences not recorded by the Elder Ones. Plenty of other twisted words came out of their mouths, some if listened by Lesser men, would have twisted their reality so much they can’t see the Truth from False anymore.

The Builder smiled, thanked them, and moved on.

There were plenty of other Voices who tried to talk to the Builder, but he had been Deaf from those words for years.

The saddest lesson was that the Builder was blind from both Good and Bad advice, for during the building of the Tower, the other Builders told him to watch out at the Bottom, for he had forgotten to put a few Bricks at the Foundation.

Alas, the Tower collapsed after much stress, taking the Builder to the outskirts of Oblivion and Eternal.

At the Afterlife, where the Travelling Undertaker walked the roads, he met the Builder and asked him where he would like to go.

The Builder, wondering where he wanted to go answered:

“It’s not up to me anymore, put me where I deserve to go.”

And thus the Undertaker put the Builder towards his final destination.

The last memory the Undertaker had of the Builder was his cracked smile. A smile, from all the adventures the Builder went through… he did all he could.


As the Builder vanished into thin air, The Undertaker looked for his next target.