Just Like That

Moving at the speed of light, what if our world was filled with invisible objects? There would be fright. There would be curiosity. Continuously swirling around in our minds, the thought of an invisible object would be intriguingly terrifying. My thoughts, however, are consistently rhythmic with this concept, always containing a desire for adventure — with inconceivable fears. My imagination is full of interesting ideas, but one idea has entered my life from time to time, and it has scared me beyond everyday fright.

Bang, just like that everything changed. Nothing was ever the same, and I was never the same. Unable to accomplish the typical day to day life, I had been struck with something so extraordinary that it had never been seen nor will it ever be seen.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon. I had just finished my running practice when it happened. It was quick as light, yet slow as a snail. It didn’t make sense, nor will it ever make sense. I was ashamed. What could I say? What could I do? Nothing. My wrist was bent backwards and my neck was stiff like a slice of old bread. I couldn’t move. I rotated my eyes to assure I was alive. Sure enough, I was.

In a sprawled position, I was unable to move. I was rejoicing when the sirens carried their disturbing tunes my way. Police and ambulances and firemen all surrounded my car and I, while I layed awestruck in the middle of the street with no other cars nearby. It was a mystery, to them. I had known all along. As my brain had exercised its daily scares, one scare had become true. It was a nightmare.

Like a man lost in his way, I recapped the moves I had made and found it to be what I had anticipated.

I had started driving from the running practice, until I approached the stagnant stop sign. My route was simple, turn left and head towards home, but the problem was crossing the four lane highway. To get across, I needed to proceed with extreme caution: look both ways and make sure no cars were coming. I did as tradition had called, but an unseen, unheard object was not ordinary.

I had been struck by one of my biggest fears invisibility. But how? In the driver’s side door, a dent the size of a car appeared. I had been struck by an invisible car. It was just how I imagined it unseen, unheard until contact. The video in my head had played over as if I were in a dream.

Then I awoke, realizing that my fear had not become a reality.
With praise and thankfulness, I held back my tears. Until, I realized the significance of my dream. Although invisible cars aren’t real, that I know of, I learned a valuable lesson. Life is short. Life is sweet. It fly's by and it ends before you have a chance to catch your feet. So live on, but live smart because one day for those who remember you, you will want them to remember you for who you truly are.

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