18 FOR ‘18

After going a woeful 7/17 last year, here are eighteen predictions for 2018

1. He still doesn’t build the wall or lock her up
2. HQ is dead by April
3. Alabama wins the National Championship over Oklahoma
4. Patriots over Rams
5. The Trump campaign colluded with Russia — and Kushner & Junior are at the heart of it.
6. DAMN. easily takes Album of the Year

7. Hoyas miss March Madness — again
8. Warriors over Celtics in 5
9. SCOTUS rules 5–4 against discrimination in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, with Kennedy as the swing vote
10. Paul Ryan sticks around long enough to try his hand at defunding entitlement programs — and fails.
11. Dodgers top the Yankees in 6
12. Get Out narrowly wins in a solid Best Picture field

13. Notable deaths: Dick van Dyke, Bob Dole, and Henry Kissinger
14. Pence releases a pre-presidential-run memoir
15. Democrats win the House but can’t swing the Senate
16. Putin’s overt maneuvers to fix the presidential election spark protests in Russia
17. Drake drops a fire album and Kanye drops an OK album
18. Fly on the Wall skyrockets to the top of the charts (worth a shot, right?)

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