Election Day has come and gone and we have made a decision.

We have elected Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Its a result many didn’t see coming and a result we thought it was impossible. We didn’t see how such an unqualified candidate could win this election. We thought that people would see pass his rhetoric and that he disqualified himself based on his behavior and attitude toward minorities, women, Muslims, and every other group that didn’t agree with him. We watched as Hillary owned him on three debates in which she demonstrated that she has the right plans to continue to build upon our progress and unite as after this dark election season. We were told she has the ultimate ground game, a superb operation that would drive out the vote and deliver a victory not only for the Democratic Party, but for everyone who was happy to say “I’m With Her”. We wanted to show that works that America is already great because America is good. We are stronger together.

Somehow that did not happen. I watched on election night in utter shock about how close the election was, and as state results clearly showed an opening up for Trump. I was in disbelief. Mainly, because we just said no to the most qualified candidate of our lifetime, but yes to a man who is the least qualified of our lifetimes. We had a chance to elect our first woman president. How awesome would that have been? It would have showed in America you really can be anything. I am not sure when we get that chance again to shatter the glass ceiling. It is really hard to think how close we came, but fell so short.

It hurts knowing that all the progress we achieved over these past eight difficult years is in jeopardy. While it’s okay to say that we need to give our new president a chance, I really do fear what kind of damage he can do to our country in so little time. I hope that knowing he has won, he will be a little more levelheaded and respectful towards people that don’t look like him, think like him, or have money like he does. I hope taking that oath of office opens his mind to the immense responsibility he now has to be a President for all Americans and protect our rights and freedoms.

These next four years will be hard. I really believed in Hillary. I thought she would have made a terrific president. Its just so hard, maybe if it was a traditional Republican it would be easier to accept. However, we just gave a bully the most important and influential job in the world.

Writes about politics, travel, and other stuff.

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