Donald Trump talks a lot about “fake news”. He hates “fake news” and decries American news companies, such as, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times (sorry Failing NYT) as the culprits.

When he was running for president he would be at the podium and would bash the media, calling them names, inciting violence against them, and whining how they covered his campaign. But lets be honest here, the media gave Donald Trump a free pass the entire election. They covered most of his events from start to finish. They broadcast him on the air, gave him plenty of invterviews, and never really asked him the hard questions. I am taken back to the interview Matt Lauer of NBC did with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Matt Lauer was much harder on Mrs. Clinton than he was one Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton received much more negative coverage in the news media (and they spent more time on it…emails) than they did with negative coverage of Donald Trump.

But what is Donald Trump’s obssession with “fake news” that now his administration has adopted as an out to not answer questions and take the easy road? Donald Trump knows that if he can invalidate the media that asks him hard questions or writes a negative story he can sell it to his supporters that it is fake, and that the system to continues to be rigged against him.

This exchange from Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explains it all:

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