Today is my birthday. I awoke this mornig to my normal habit of the last 8 or so years and begin checking my social media. I normally look at Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram or whatever. I am a millenial, so this daily habit sounds really stupid but it is just something I do.

Ever since November 2016, checking Twitter in the morning is either good or bad for one reason, Donald J. Trump. This was the tweet I was greeted with this morning:

Yes, that is the President of the United States.

I believe more and more each day that he is completely unhinged from reality. Does he not understand he is the leader of all Americans, and his feud with the media is not only bad for our democracy and the freedom of the press, but is just childish. This tweet is something I expect a 6th grader to post when his teacher was mean to him at school or something. For a man elected to the highest office in the land I expect him to to treat that office with respect. I also expect the leader of the USA to respect the media. He doesn’t have to agree with them, but his public feuding with CNN or MSNBC is not presidential or is going to help “Make America Great Again”. It is a pure distraction from the issues that really plague this country. How often do we see the president discuss the opioid crisis on Twitter, how REALLY tackle healthcare, bring down expenses, give Americans a raise, fix our infastructure. Sure, he wants these things but he wastes so much of his own energy on little personal feuds that do nothing for Americans.

If I was a Trump supporter I would be extremely displeased with my vote this past Novemeber. His election has generated him millions of dollars in revenue at his hotels, and expanded his brand recognition around the world. Do you really think he ran for President to represent you? I don’t.

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