The new face of the Republican Party

If you would have told me that at the beginning of this election season that Donald Trump would become the Republican nominee, I would have called you more than crazy. But, here we are… Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. How did we get here? How did a man that has never held elected office, best some really good Republican candidates like: Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, John Kasich, or Marco Rubio? He did because he played into the anger of the GOP base. That anger and resentment has been building in the GOP since we elected Barack Obama as our 44th President way back in 2008.

Why is the GOP so angry? They are for a lot of reasons, they were swept out of power in 2006 and then a Democratic president was elected in 2008. In those few years Democrats were able to achieve a lot. Healthcare was passed, limits have been placed on greenhouse gases, our war in Iraq has been scaled down, and the nature in which we pick our military battles is different, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was ended, and finally you can marry the man or woman you love. This has angered a lot in the GOP, they feel as if the country that they know is slipping away. Is it slipping away? No, but a lot of the base of the GOP, the white high-school educated male, feels as if the country is leaving them behind because they have not adapted. These are the people that Donald Trump has been speaking too, he speaks to their fears.

What do they fear? They fear a country that is being taken over by immigrants, or a country that allows people to love who they want, or a country that is tolerant to Muslims and their religion. Donald Trump talks about how he is going to ban Muslims from entering the country, he has called Mexicans rapists and he has prmosed to build a wall along the Mexican border. He claims all of this will “Make America Great Again”. I have no doubt in my mind that a President Trump would try to do all of these things. And what he has proposed is dangerous. It would close America off to the world and would anger our allies in all regions of the world.

What is more striking is that Donald Trump just talks, I don’t believe that he even really thinks about what his is saying, he is a lose cannon. We can’t afford that type of person in the White House. Being President is more than just a job, it is the most important job in pretty much the entire world. We need a leader who is going to lead, not just talk and play into fear. I know my candidate is that type of leader. While, I am not saying people are going to jump ship to the Democratic side, Republicans need to do something about their presumptive nominee. He should not represent the party of Lincoln and Regan. There are senisble Republicans, and Trump is not that.

Trump at the top of the ticket will have an effect down the ballot

I am looking forward to see how Trump evolves. Will he pull out his etch-a-sketch and pretend the candidate he in the primaries was just him playing to the base? Maybe, but unlikely. Trump is a pretty one-dimensionable candidate. He also has an uphill battle to defeat Hillary Clinton, who is the likely Democratic nominee. The Cook Political Report has changed the status of 11 states because of Trump being on the ballot for the GOP. They are no either “lean Democrat” or have been downgraded to “lean Republican”.The battle for the Senate will be interesting too. Many vulnerable GOP senators are keeping their distance from Trump. The GOP faces the very likely hood they will lose the Senate and Presidency, and lose all the ground they have gained since the 2010 mid-term elections. Just six years ago the GOP began to take back control of the House and began to chip away at the Democratic majority in the Senate. They finally claimed the Senate in 2014, but a Trump nominee will probably errode all their gains. Either way, this will probably the most defining election in a long time. But, that’s probably a cliche… that gets said every election.

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