7 Strategies for script writing for openness and understanding

UXers become experts at taking the perspective of those we design for. Yet, are we approaching others in our organization with the same set of tools? One way to take a people-centered design approach to research is writing your research script as if someone else is going to be moderating or others will be watching you closely. This keeps you organized, focused, and your research rigorous while promoting openness of your methods and understanding by stakeholders.

It’s extremely easy to wing it

When doing user experience research, it’s extremely easy to jump into a session with someone and get them going with the prototype. When you’re…

Our journey that led us to the vision for UX Research at Macmillan Learning will help anyone Plan, Involve, Execute, and Report their way to high-quality research

Back in 2018 when I joined Macmillan Learning I wanted to lay out a vision for what UX Research was all about in our organization. Through workshops and interviews with all team members and leadership, I was able to articulate three clear areas for improvement: planning, involving others, and reporting. I had a few ideas about how I thought we could to reduce possible bias. I began writing. I browsed some Scrabble word finder sites and synonym searches coming up with something that gave us the acronym PIER, which I hoped wasn’t too corny or forced.

I browsed some Scrabble…

Aaron Houssian

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