A framework for understanding and acting on student’s new motivations

Eastern University’s Beautiful Campus

As colleges and universities begin to manage to reopen their campuses to students, faculty, and staff, it is clear that historic models and criteria to accurately inform decision making in the face of the CoVid-19 pandemic are neither correct and/or complete (our article about the 1st black swan event to hit US Higher Education can be found here).

As the calendar continues its unrelenting march from spring to summer and onto fall, so does the discussion, debate, and planning for an eventual reopening of institutions around the world.

K-12 institutions are facing the questions of how and when to re-engage…

One of the most consistent mantras of higher education is its thoughtful and methodical nature. Colleges and universities do not knee jerk. They think things through, even sometimes to a fault which is often the subject of criticism who sees higher education and its management as a parked car resistant to change and ignorance of the marketplace. Yet, this very stagnation in higher education has truly been used to its benefit, allowing these institutions to stand the test of time and be regarded worldwide as best in class.

That is why the rapid pace at which colleges and universities have…

There are 5,580 SXSW Proposals, and 1,430 are for SXSW EDU… yeah, a lot

So I narrowed the list to the Best 80 proposals — ones that I would attend or that I think are really interesting

My Criteria for Selecting/Up-Voting:

  • Must be interesting/unique — there were several proposals that all shared the same theme/idea, so if I selected 1 of those, it’s because I thought it was the best of the group
  • Eliminated proposals that sufficiently lacked “real” expertise
  • Any proposal that seemed to be a company promoting it’s products above delivering interesting insights or creating discussion… aka if a proposal’s video is…

I recently completed a trip to Stanford University where I participated in a roundtable discussion with the Subcommittee on Education and Workforce in Congress. Along with the congressional members were 7 other EdTech leaders in the room — many of which had raised over $100MM including Coursera, Udacity, and AltSchool. Undoubtedly I was representing the smallest and youngest start up in the room, yet I was peppered with questions.

So why the heck did they invite me? Who am I? And why should anyone care?

As a country, our higher education system has been the envy of the world for…

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