Coping with panic attacks and daily anxiety required me to try a wide range of professional and self-help methodologies

Road signs. The sign in one direction says “RELAX,” while the sign in the other dirction says “STRESS.”
Road signs. The sign in one direction says “RELAX,” while the sign in the other dirction says “STRESS.”
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During my final year in college, I was plagued by constant worry and anxiety that took away from my ability to perform, cultivate meaningful relationships, and fully enjoy the opportunities life afforded me. Although I did a great job of masking it to the point my roommate didn’t even know, underneath I was a neurotic mess.

I could barely sit through class, often feeling trapped, fearing another panic attack. At work, I had a leadership position, and I felt I had to power through but felt I never performed up to my potential, skirting certain responsibilities that might have aggravated my anxiety. …


Exploring the finer points of Marxist thought

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Class struggle is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of communism. The idea that workers (the proletariat) will overthrow ownership (the bourgeoisie), banish private property, and redistribute the wealth tends to dominate public perception of what communism is and what it stands for.

With this view, the pushback against communism is understandable. The threat of toppling over the capitalist institutions that have accounted for the tremendous prosperity of the Western world incites great anxiety and fear in those who believe in the free market.

Pair that with the failure of communist experiments in the Soviet Union, Cuba, and arguably China, and the rejection of communism seems a logical conclusion. Unfortunately, the demonization and tarnished reputation of communism during the Cold War has left many with a perverted view of what is really an enlightening perspective on human nature. …


An addendum to Orwell’s 1984

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Filthy was the word. The word that describes the way Winston feels after he has defied the Party. But temptation is extraordinarily high. The fantastical delicacies that loom on the edge of reality are so detained and purged that one, at times, may even question their existence. Simplicities, once widely and conveniently distributed throughout the common home, are now indulged in only by the cynical members of the Inner Party. While the Party lives in utter gluttony, the Proles are bathed in cheap gin and cigarettes.

He recalled a scene of fright: a day when his neighbor was arrested and brutally beaten. He could hear the crashing and banging through the walls, but the ruckus made by the officer was simply unnecessary. They were making a presence. A statement saying, “We are viciously brutal, and anyone who so much as steps out of line will feel the warranting wrath of our regime.” …

Society & Culture

What human developmental theory can teach us about our beliefs, identities, and worldviews

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Don Beck was at the heart of South Africa’s apartheid in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The country was on the brink of civil war with racial tensions at a boiling point. Beck, a professor and practitioner of the human developmental theory Spiral Dynamics, was determined to unite the largely divided society. He believed that he could use the model to undo the divisive social conflict by aligning the various value systems of the disparate parties in a way conducive to balance and harmony from which the country could prosper. …

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Watching Creed, the captivating sequel to the Rocky films, I was reminded of the power of storytelling not just for entertainment, but for imbuing our lives with meaning and purpose. In round 11, as Donnie is lying face down on the tarp, body limp after being knocked down by ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlan, the movie goes into his head as all the events leading up to that moment flash through his mind — his step-mom saving him from juvenile detention, falling in love with his hard-to-get girlfriend Bianca, staying by Rocky’s side as he battled cancer, remembering his father, Apollo Creed, whose legacy he aspires to live up to. …


Aaron Teater

Deep thinker fascinated by the peculiarity of our human experience | Co-Host Tweaked Podcast

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