The Pen Flyer : Canes and Glasses (5.0)

What value does the Pen Flyer add and why is this important? It is a question I’ve been muddling over the past few weeks — asked simple as “why?”. The why of something can be easily answered when framed around a problem, but the opposite is also true. Can something be of value even if it solves no direct problem? The answer is yes.

As humans we continually seek to improve the world by adding value, an integral part of who we are. However the significance of added value depends upon perspective. A cane means nothing to those who can walk, as glasses mean nothing to those who can see. Yet for some canes and glasses are the key to happiness. Instilling joy and imagination is as nobel a why as helping someone to walk or see. I have realised that value can be found in the smallest of whys, and the Pen Flyer is one such example. Does this make me feel less inspired? — no not at all. There is something beautiful about instilling happiness through an intimate and simple product. A task which I have found to be just as challenging as addressing a why far larger and more complex.