The Pen Flyer : Make it Fly! (2.0)

Ever since I made the very first Pen Flyer I’ve always wanted to make it fly (…a feeling shared by everyone who has ever seen it). So to that end I decided to lock myself in my apartment and vowed not come out until I had cracked it.

Over the next three days of experimenting (…and throwing a pen around the apartment trying not to smash a window) I finally had a eureka moment. This new design is a great proof of concept and gives me plenty of confidence to keep pursing the project.

I took the latest prototype to a number of experienced designers, entrepreneurs and business owners to gain some advise on how to take this idea to the next level. The responses have been great and the words of wisdom have been even better. I’m definitely on the right track I just need to keep going.

Incidentally, I showed the Pen Flyer to Glenn Martin, the lengendary kiwi innventor behind the world renowed Martin Jetpack, during one of his rare talks in Wellington. Glenn’s smile beamed across the room as he turned the Pen Flyer over in his hands. He then threw the toy acorss the room, picked it up, studied it and gave me some feedback on how to improve it’s aerodynamics...thanks Glenn for the quality advice…