The Pen Flyer : Perfection Pursuit (6.0)

The pursuit of perfection feeds hope yet never satisfies it, and in doing so it becomes an cyclic addiction that cripples pragmatism. Yet this pursuit continually asks us to question, refine and critique in search of betterment. In other words, it feeds the desire to question, improve and innovate yet it can offset a grounded sense of progress and direction.

Achieving perfection is a struggle that exists within many people, but most acutely in designers (poor souls like me). By their very nature designers are never truly happy with what they create due to an instilled desire (and almost narcissistic fantasy) to continually improve and refine. This desire, when unmanaged, can cause tasks to drag beyond any reasonable allocation of resource and energy. A line is reached when a tasked completed just shy of perfection is far better then left in the void of development. As with many things, the pursuit of perfection is both good and bad.

I feel I am at a tipping point within the Pen Flyer’s development. My passion and heart for the project is telling me to continue to perfect however this is in conflict with the project’s longterm outcome. Now is the perfect time to take a tactical breath so I can reevaluate the project’s position and plan for the challenges ahead. Perfection will have to wait (at least for now).