30 odd days of flow journaling

20 minutes of flow journaling

So its been just over a month since I have been doing these 20 minutes of flow journaling blogs. Im surprised that I managed to keep up for the whole month, there were a few days which were hectic, getting back after 9pm in the evening but still made the commitment to get 20 minutes in.
I recall a few months ago trying to write a sample article for a new magazine that was introduced in London, it took me over a week to write the ‘perfect 500 words’ for it. It was quite frankly embarrassing that it took me so long, I used to be able to write up a decent article in an afternoon, I would leave it overnight then check it through the next morning, before sending it off. This flow journaling has helped me have a clearer mind, by literally going with the flow.

I feel that I don’t need to think of ideas as much I just write as them as im thinking, I still haven’t figured out the whole inner / outer voice thing, sometimes when im writing these journals I don’t know who’s talking, but I guess it will take more than 30 days for me to figure that out.

Im not 100% sure if I will continue with these journals, I might start to focus on writing things that I care about/ information which can be useful to others like practical lifestyle advice.

I used to criticize articles that used to contain ‘basic information’ when talking about health advise. But part of that criticism came from my academic background which focused on evidence, detailed explanation and balanced reasoning. Ive realized the average person does not want all that, they haven’t got time for it. They want it straight so I will aim to do just that in the future with some health related tips.

I don’t feel that I need to carry on the 20 minute style journaling as I think after 30 days its given me a kick start to get back into writing, I was very conscious about my writing style as it does need a lot of improving but that will come with practice, hopefully the content itself will make up for it in the mean time.

What are these serious issues I wish to talk about? On the top of my head, Obesity, Healthy Eating, Renewable Energy, Inequalities, Travelling and there will be most likely some random things that I have the need to talk about like coffee or amazing food ive eaten.

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