Cake & Bake show

This is 20 minutes of flow journaling

In the past ive been to car shows, yoga exhibitions, many different types of health food shows, home & design shows and few marketing & business type shows. Today was the first time I went to a cake & bake show at Excel. It’s not something I would usually be excited about or my first choice, but I happen to be free when someone asked me if I wanted to go and I didn’t really have any plans.

I was told on a Friday afternoon, the show was on a Sunday afternoon. I thought I need to mentally/ physically get ready for a sugar overload. So the first thing I did Saturday was to go the gym and work a little harder than usual to get some extra ‘pre sugar burn’. I realized half way Saturday afternoon that I kept thinking about the show, I think I was quite excited about it actually. I hoped that I would taste some amazing cakes, try some ‘out there’ flavours, cakes from different countries or at least some new concepts or a focus on healthier approach to cake baking.

Then I started getting carried away thinking I might try and few decent cakes but then there will be a cake that will completely blow me away.

Forward to the show I have to say that I was very impressed with the visual decorations with some of the cakes, basically work of art. I loved the creative approach some bakers took constantly pushing their own version of a wedding cake to a new level. it was almost as if each wedding cake had its own personality and story to tell.

Then I saw the entrants for the cake competition, there were dragons, fairytale settings, scary monsters and all things which can let your imagination run wild. I was mighty impressed, unfortunately I was unable to take time to enjoy the detail of each cake as there was a large moving queue, like a convey belt pushing me towards the next cake and the next.

Now to the cake tasting itself, sample wise I think it was a 50/50 split of some giving a large thumb size samples vs a large crumb of cake.

I was very impressed with the gluten free cake that I had tried, I realized after I tried it that it was gluten free plus it was one of the better tasting cakes at the venue as a whole. I have had some gluten free cakes in the past and they have been horrible but am have impressed with what Delicious Alchemy has created :-) .

In terms of ‘out there cakes’ using interesting ingredients or cakes from different countries I have to say was very disappointed. I thought I was going to able to try a few different versions of chocolate/beetroot cakes- I did not find any. I thought they may have been some floral / tea based cakes -did not find any.

I thought there will be at least one or two rum cakes, Caribbean style, nope or some Pandan cake — nope. So I have to say that aspect of the show was rather disappointing. Health wise there were a few cake/ingredient companies pushing lower sugar /lower fat/calorie products but they were not amazing differnt to what is already out there, mostly sweeteners as a replacement. I was expecting a few more natural based products.

Would have been nice to see a sections which focused on ‘cakes of the future’ covering decorations, different tastes, ingredients etc.

As an experience it was good fun, I wouldn’t be excited to go next year maybe if they made some serious changes to types of cakes on offer.

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