The American Dream, a mere distraction

This is 20 minutes of flow journaling

Last night I watched the Netflex documentary ‘Requiems for the American dream’ by Noem Chomsky. I’ll be perfectly honest to say that I have never heard of him before but I gathered that he was an important influencer.

It touched issues regarding the lack of wealth distribution in America, the push and pull for democracy, the deregulation of industry which ends in government bailouts. All of these issues I am aware of and have some understanding of.

There was something that struck a cord though, the wealthy 1% want more and more power, influence and deregulation which benefits their own interests. Most notably through funding presidential campaigns, which is a perfect advertising tool for the ‘American dream’, a mere distraction.

The more I began to think about this I realized that the president isn’t the most powerful person in America, the people funding the campaigns are. The president is simply a face, the person which you can blame when things go wrong. Lets take the last 4 years of the Obama administration, the media has constantly blamed Obama for the unemployment levels (8.3% 2012), the Dow (1221 Jan 2012) and then ‘downturn of America’ during the recession. Now that the unemployment levels have reduced (4.9% 2016) and the Dow has improved (18441 Sept 2016) there is no praise or positive associations towards Obama. Maybe his work didn’t have an impact on the current unemployment numbers but when they were bad the finger pointed to him.

Another interesting thing mentioned in the documentary was the idea of distracting society with entertainment like fashion, cars and television, none of these things are important or will make you happy but lets make it desirable to society, lets create a consumer society. “so many of us are glued to the tv”, I thought to myself I love watching TV but it is fundamentally a source of entertainment, ‘I am a consumer of media’ really makes me feel like I a being controlled.

I have been distracted by TV and other media over the last few years when I should be focusing on what really matters. Important issues like childhood obesity and renewable energy. Im going to have to get back to you on how I can refocus on these issues.