What if Hitler won?

This is 20 minutes of flow journaling

Last night I watched ‘Bridge of Spies’, staring Tom Hanks, im not usually a big fan of war movies but I heard good things. I was quite engaged in the movie trying to guess what was going to happen, **Spoiler Alert** I was pretty sure one of the main characters were going to be killed but that didn’t happen (im not familiar with the real story). So I was surprised how it ended with such a smooth exchange. It got me thinking about if the spy was sent to the electric chair straight away, then the possible of future exchanges would be slim, causing further strains on US Russia relations. As I went to bed straight after watching the movie I began to think about other alternative histories. What if Hitler was successful in invading Briton, could you imagine everyone here begin forced to learn German?

I would have probably be born in a different country too, as my grandparents would have been unlikely to be let into ‘German Britain’ in the late 1950s.

Then wonder what the impact with would have been for the islands under British rule at the time?

If Britain was invaded successfully, I couldn’t imagine what fate laid away for US ‘German Britain’ relations. 
Then you have to consider the fate of the Jewish people in hiding at the time around Europe. They would be very unlikely to have made it to America. Modern day America would look very different, for example showbiz would probably be very very different. I know more about Jewish people/culture through Hollywood movies and shows due their influence.

Its scary to think about what Hilters influence could of ultimately have achieved. A zombifed cold hearted Europe wide army. Maybe ill wait for the movie….

Don’t even get my started with what the outcome of the royal family would be that was more difficult to think about, they could have all eloped in time? Gone underground? God forbid, all be killed? Forced to rule under Hitler? Life imprisonment?

Needleless to say I didn’t get much sleep thinking about all the possibilities.

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