Nothing. Just, well, space. No planets, no stars, no intergalactic tyrannical aliens. Blackness, as far as the eye could see. Even with the best telescopes in the galaxy. Just, nothing.

It’s hard to imagine, until you get there. It’s like a world without light, waiting to be illuminated. But when you get there, and shine light upon all the wonders hiding there, you get nothing. A whole universe filled with dismal nothingness.

But then you think about it. Go ahead. Try.


Then you realize; this world, this place. It has no life, no rocks, nothing sentient. Therefore, it has no problems. No wars, no prejudice, no sexism, no racism, no disease, no heartbreak, no murder. A place of peace, even if it doesn’t have anyone to appreciate it.

So then, why do you feel so depressed by seeing this world full of black? All the wonders and happiness and art and science and joy and pugs and everything fun and enjoyable, it’s just not there. Along with the bad, this blank template of a universe took the good. That feeling of opening present on Christmas morning when you were little?

Not here.

That time you laughed so hard you practically fainted from breath loss?


Not even just one miniature French Poodle?

Not even one.

All emotion, all feeling, everything that we associate with the fundamental features of being human isn’t possible in the world of black. Let’s just say we do decide to colonize this place. Sure, we could clutter it up with trash and excess human waste. Sure, we could create self-sustaining floating colonies to help with overpopulation. But anyone living there will always know that just outside the walls of their ship, is nothing. And that they are the only spec of anything remotely solid in the entirety of everything. And what was a haven of peace and tranquility will be cluttered with what us as a species couldn’t fix. Our mistakes.

This world is sacred, a place where nothingness rules all. And it will stay that way.

I grab the thrust, putting the collider into gear. The engine revved, the sound reverberating through the universe for infinity, the first sound to ever inhabit the place. And then I was gone, my ship disappeared, and any sign of my coming and disturbing the peace gone.

The universe, black and empty again.

As it should be.

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