Girl on the Subway

It was one of those nights freshman year of college. My dorm mates and I had only known each other for a month or so, but we all just clicked and got along so well together. As well as the girls in the dorm downstairs (most of the time). Believe it or not we were stone cold SOBER, yet we were up until 5AM talking about life, the universe, conspiracy theories, and eventually supernatural/freaky experiences. There were some decent scary stories passed around from past experiences, but when Drea told her story, let’s just say it gives me chills thinking about it.

Her friend lived in New York at the time and was still getting to know the city. She’d gone out with her friends and it had gotten pretty late. She pulled a big newbie “no-no” and decided to take the subway far after the midnight hour. I myself have never been to New York, but if I’ve learned anything from the show “Hey Arnold” it’s this little saying from Gerald, “Sun goes down, stay above ground.” Maybe she missed that episode.

She’d gotten on the subway where it was only her and an old man for a while. After a few stops, the doors opened and two men dragged in a young lady with her arms around their shoulders and all three sat right in front of Drea’s friend. Apparently she’d gotten way too drunk that night and had two friends take her home. Such good people. However, something kept bothering Drea’s friend. The girl that had just been dragged in locked eyes with her and would not break the stare. The two guys that dragged her in payed no heed to the awkward staring contest. The friend just chalked it up as “she’s so drunk she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” But she still felt very uncomfortable.

Trying to avert her gaze to anything but the sideways tilted head of the drunk girl directly across from her, Drea’s friend couldn’t wait to get off the subway. The subway stopped and the old man got up and said, “You should get off here with me.” Confused about who this guy was or why the hell he’d want her to get off with him when she was one stop away from where she was going to get off, she found herself rising to her feet. Unable to cope with the unrelenting gaze of the drunk girl. As she stepped through the doors she turned her head for one last glance, there she was still staring at where Drea’s friend was sitting. Never will I get that drunk she thought to herself.

As she ascended the steps with the old man he muttered, “You made the right choice getting off with me, sorry if it wasn’t your stop.” Drea’s friend replied slightly irritated, “Why is that?” They got street level, the man took a deep breath and gestured with his head, “That girl in the subway, she was dead.”