Which Door Would You Choose?

27. Closed Doors: What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?

There are 3 doors in front of Angela. One is the self opening doors you’d walk through at a supermarket. The second is a glass door you have to pull to open. The third is a rapidly moving revolving door.

She didn’t know how she wound up there, all she knew is that all these doors were closed, and whichever one she chose to walk through would lead her to a different fate. All separated by massive walls.

Many others opted to use the self-opening door to easily pass by. Effortless and mindlessly they passed by leading them to a life filled with much of the same. Angela asked herself, would she be happy taking that route? The crowd passed around her like a stream around a rock as she contemplated her decision.

Angela turned around, all she saw was a bright light in the distance and from the horizon, more and more people walking to pass through one of the doors.

Looking back forward she saw the pull door being used by far less people. Those that pulled strained and heaved the door open. Sometimes another person came and help pry it open so both of them could open it.

The door that few dared to walk through was the revolving door. It was moving so fast that it blew wind back in Angela’s face. She hadn’t actually seen anybody make it through, just a few sad attempts of people nudging forward, then giving up.

The daunting task of deciding which door started to weigh on her shoulders as she panned her head left and right, but it was down the middle towards the revolving door that the emotional gravity pulled her towards.

Finally she was out of the crowd and face-to-face with her decision. She could give up and try an easier door, but she was compelled to get through, she had made up her mind. But how?

She looked around for anything to slow down the revolving door, but found nothing. Stepping closer and closer, she could only think of one thing to do.

Her right foot quickly shot forward and was crushed by the revolving door. She shot her head back and screamed at the pain. When Angela looked back down though, she saw the door had stopped. Sweating from the agony, she put both her hands on the door and pulled it open slightly enough to squeeze herself in the door compartment.

After she got in, Angela hobbled to the other side and pushed, but the door wouldn’t budge. Had she risked her foot for nothing? “Dammit!” Angela yelled, the anger consuming any notion of pain that was left in her. Her fists slammed against the glass and she lifted her head and saw on the other side was her sister’s friend Elizabeth in a business suit, staring at her, smiling.

Angela was in disbelief, what was Elizabeth doing on the other side of the door? It didn’t matter, she swallowed her pride and asked for help opening the door. They could hear each other, but Elizabeth mouthed “of course,” then helped pull the door as Angela pushed.

She made it through. As soon as she stepped on the green marble floor on the other side, she felt no more pain in her foot. “Thank you so much Lizzy!” Gasped Angela. “That hurt like crazy.”

“Yea, it looked painful, girl.” Replied Elizabeth with her eyebrows raised with a you-gotta-be-kidding-me kind of smile. “You know, if you would have called, I could have gotten you through.”

Angela glanced at her and exhaled her pride, “I wanted to see if I could do it myself.”

Elizabeth led her down the marble corridor and responded, “I agree, sometimes you have to prove things to yourself. Sometimes, you have to ask for help to get from one place to another. How do you think I got my job here?” She giggled.

Angela couldn’t help but smile. The women walked to an end, where there was a dressing room. “Alright Angie, go in there and try on a new outfit. You have better be looking great if I’m vouching for you.” Said Elizabeth.

“For what?”

“Your job interview.” Replied Elizabeth. “It’s just behind those doors.

Glancing over, Angela saw a plain black door that only needed to be pushed open. She thought to herself, the hard part was over, this will be no problem.

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