Bateman’s case #1: Highbridge

– An upstart law firm for startups

Aaron Bateman
Sep 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Kasper Ottesen is a leading startup matters and venture capital lawyer who’s played a key role in many of Denmark’s biggest startup success stories of the past five years. Earlier this year he started his own practice — Highbridge — and he asked me to help craft his value proposition and write the copy for his site. It was a dream project.

The task

Kasper needed to move fast. As well as creating a new brand, he was moving into new offices and taking care of his clients. We agreed that the focus needed to be on creating a sharp value proposition and clear positioning — strong foundations would make it easier to craft the copy that followed, and would help define the scope of Kasper’s site.

The approach

The majority of Kasper’s clients are startups which gave an obvious starting point in terms of positioning. Figuring out what made his approach unique was a little more tricky. I sent Kasper a few basic briefing questions that helped establish the broad strokes of what he wanted to communicate, and then we started to dig a bit deeper in person.

Kasper identified closely with his clients’ entrepreneurial spirit, and he had the strong sense that flexibility, combined with his narrow focus, was a strong differentiator. Kasper also revealed that his less conventional approach — at least compared to most lawyers — helped put his clients at ease and created uniquely strong partnerships. These insights led to the idea of ‘an upstart law firm for startups’. Not strictly a value proposition, it nevertheless became the key line I could build the rest of the messaging and tonality around.

We used a Google doc to collaborate. Kasper’s input made it easy to adapt and adjust at speed: instead of me delivering ‘final’ copy with multiple rounds of feedback, a ‘real-time’ approach saved time and money.

The outcome

With a clear positioning statement established, we then detailed Highbridge’s specific services, and worked in a more traditional value prop: We take away the growing pains of growing companies.

We started working with Spring/Summer to develop Highbridge’s visual identity and website. The collaboration was speedy and efficient — Spring/Summer delivered wireframes, Kasper signed them off, and I was able to craft concise, precise messaging that held to the design. Communicating directly with one another meant fewer stakeholders and we were faster to launch as a result. Together we were able to develop a beautifully functional site with approved copy on budget and ahead of schedule.

“Aaron’s process was a great way for me to rethink my approach and he was very good at helping me express exactly what I was trying to say. It was a really efficient collaboration as Aaron was able to quickly understand the business and my approach to the market.”

Kasper Ottesen, Founder, Highbridge

Visit Highbridge.


About Bateman’s

I’m an independent copywriter and communication consultant. I help startups and growing companies figure out what they’re trying to say, and how to say it in compelling ways. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project.

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