1 in 4 Women Seek Non Invasive Treatments for Aesthetic Procedures

According to a study commissioned by realself.com 1 in 4 women seek non-invasive treatments for aesthetic procedures. 
 The top reasons for not going through surgery are:

· Debt- 60%

· Fear of Complications — 58%

· Fear that it would hurt — 51%

· Fear related to hearing negative stories — 47%

· Fear that they might look worse- 41%

· Fear of death during surgery — 37%

· Recovery Downtime- 54%

· Inability to find a doctor they can trust- 40%

The top motivators for considering an aesthetic procedure are:

· Feel more comfortable with one’s self — 65%

· One third of women (29%) cite a milestone in their lives

· Birthdays — 30% in women age 18–34 and 66% in women ages 44–65

Luckily for these women there is a simple and non-invasive approach to aesthetic procedure changes including skin rejuvenation, neck, lower face, cheek and midface, forehead as well as the delicate area around the eyes even hair loss. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is an innovative and promising approach in regenerative medicine. Contrary to Botox and other chemical stimulated approaches, PRP is widely used in aesthetics, where the natural components of the body are harnessed to promote the healing of the above mentioned areas in a natural way.

The procedure is comprised of gentle needle injections with no need for recuperation period, no swelling or any scars left from a surgical procedure. There is no pain involved or any need for anesthetics of any type. The treatments can be repeated every few months as much as the patient wants and at a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure.

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