How to Get FREE Traffic From the Most Trusted Websites on the Internet…But is it Ethical?

There’s free traffic out there…

I’m well aware that first line sounds like complete BS, but I’m here to tell you it’s TRUE! The best part is that it only requires about 5 minutes of your time and just a bit of thought…but not too much.

How’s it done?

This traffic hack is brought to you by a product called The core of Sniply’s platform actually isn’t anything new — their tech relies on simply overlaying a message via a frame that sits on top of another screen. Marketing agencies have been doing this for over a decade, for example, to show tracking phone numbers that are only displayed when a user clicks on an ad (e.g. Adwords traffic).

“Ok, so I can put a marketing message on someone else’s website. Now what?”

Glad “you” asked . There are 2 key elements that you need to follow in order to get the most value out of your shared “snips”. Let’s break them down one by one.

Keep your message consistent with the context of the article you’re snipping

Like with basically all online marketing campaigns, having consistency between your messages is crucial. For example, you wouldn’t run an ad about a cybersecurity product and then land visitors on a page that talks about accounting software. The same principle applies here.

Track your progress with a unique offer

Using a tracking link should be a given, so we won’t spend any time on the importance of that. However, coming up with a special offer, promo code, etc. and using that as the basis for your CTA is a different story.

Combine the 2 elements to be successful

Having consistency between your audience, article and product and a solid, engaging offer is going to dramatically increase your chances of having a successful campaign.

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