In the earliest days of computing physical access to the computer was enough security. Today all of our devices are wired up and networked constantly connected to threats more pervasive than many of us realize. We have been taught to use passwords, and we hate them. Now it seems we are constantly told our passwords are not good enough, they are not. Why is it that passwords that used to be acceptable are not good enough anymore?

First our techy friends told us we needed to add a number to our password (early 90's). Then they said to replace several characters with numbers (late 90s). Then they said make it longer (Early 00's). Next we were told to use an acronym/mnemonic for a short phrase (Late 00's). Now they are saying fully randomized passwords at least 12 characters in length. …

Bitcoin and Intrinsic Value

In considering the intrinsic value and pricing of an asset there are many things to consider. Among others a set of forces exist operating on the price. While many of the other forces are balanced in nature, this pair of forces is not symmetric. The upward price is essentially unbound, while the downward price is bound by 0. The price cannot go below 0. However, the sky is the limit for the price. In this case the sky is the available pool of resources to purchase the equity, which will effectively limit the upward trend. This asymmetric relationship is key in the creation of bubbles. As the price increases, the hope that there will be continued profits increases and when it breaks out, this hope can become so dominant that the price won’t stop within reason, underlying value is no longer a concern as the potential for increasing profits becomes so strong, that all other forces effectively fall away. …

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I am so very disappointed. This morning I learned of the vote to strip the FCC rules protecting customer privacy. Even worse, I found that those who I voted for voted for this legislation. And I cannot help but ask myself, “In what way could this ever be seen as acting in the interest of the American people?” Yet, I cannot see how that question could possibly be answered in the affirmative. …

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