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Two stories that have been in my conversations as of late are that of the feature article in MetalSucks “L.A. Band Threatin Faked a Fanbase To Land a European Tour No One Attended,”and Bobby Owsinski’s article Artists Gaining Fake Spotify Plays From Unexpected Source.”Two stories about less than honest approaches to trying to obtain success in music.

For those that are not aware of these stories, according to the media front man of Threatin, Jared Eames (AKA Jared Threatin), invented his own record label, management company, and PR company, paid for fake followers, and then sold the hoax to venues in Europe in order to book a tour of Europe. In was meant to be the start of a world tour. The result was playing to empty rooms and ultimately venues notifying the media after catching onto the hoax. Since the story broke, more details have ensued including hired band members quitting the band, complaints from venues being overstaffed on the nights of the concerts, and general concern of Jared’s dishonest actions. But it came at a cost beyond public embarrassment. Jared took a hit financially as according to testimonies including those of club owners and band members, Jared paid in full, and upfront, the cost of renting the venues, flights, etc… Most recently, and despite the negative press, Gavin Carney who played bass on the infamous tour has publicly thanked Jared and his wife for the opportunity to “…see the part of the world I would never normally have been able to see. …

Aaron Bethune

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