Our President’s An Active Racist. You’re Responsible for Him.

That’s how you know.

What did you do this Labor Day weekend? Did you go for a hike, or have brunch with friends? I caught up on errands. Yeah, it’s a little unexciting, but they needed to get done.

How are we doing these things? How could we spend our time on anything fun or productive at all in America right now?

Earlier this month, our president defended white supremacist nationalists and attacked the protesters they maimed and killed. The following week, he pardoned a racist sheriff. Can you blame him? He’s not proven himself to be much of a critical thinker.

He’s a great active listener, though. Tucker Carlson — a Fox ratings device or white supremacist nationalist, despicable either way — tells our president what the world is like and what it should be like in the future. So does Trump’s cabinet, a group of wealthy, mostly white men just waiting to pick our pockets and cast us aside. This week, he’s decided to deport millions of non-white children. If they had money, would they still be targeted?

So isn’t that enough? Isn’t that enough to be motivating for us? No. New evidence of Russian interference into our elections comes out on a weekly basis. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is giving our protected, public lands back to extraction companies. Our president ad-libs threats towards our stable allies and our aggressive, nuclear rivals alike.

Isn’t that enough? But you’re hiking? You’re having brunch? I’m running errands? What are we doing?

It’s been only nine months. There’s still time to repair most of what’s been broken. But we need to act fast. If we don’t do something soon, we’ll spend the next 39 months like we are now, wondering how bad it can get before we’ll make a change.

The United States is our country. It’s your country just as much as it’s mine. You and I — we’re fully responsible adults. Am I acting responsibly? Are you?

Every morning, I ask myself if I’m the kind of citizen that my heroes would be proud of. The more often I say no, the more angry I start to feel.

There’s been a lot of “no”s lately, and I don’t like feeling angry. So join me. Let’s show up in the streets. Let’s disrupt our economy. If he’s still here next year, let’s at least win back the House so we can put him in check. I’m helping by volunteering with MoveOn and Swing Left. It’s better than nothing. How are you defending your country?

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